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IMVER+ is a brand-new immersive entertainment platform launched by Phalanity in 2023.

Phalanity is dedicated to digital content production and hardware-software integration planning, aiming to create diverse immersive content and platforms. 

Through past customized projects, we deeply understand market pain points, including expensive renovation costs, limited space utilization, and high barriers to audio-visual production. 


Therefore, IMVER+ was born. From theater mode to interactive mode, and then to gaming mode, every detail reflects our dedication. Both corporate clients and individuals can find suitable solutions in IMVER+, enabling them to immerse themselves in a world of immersion anytime, anywhere, and indulge in rich and colorful audiovisual content, interactivity, and sensory experiences.


PHALANITY manufactures breathtaking immersive experiences for various industries.

Founded in 2018, PHALANITY is dedicated to developing immersive digital content and platforms, with a focus on digital content design and software-hardware integration.


Hailing from Kaohsiung, our mission is to nurture the digital technology ecosystem in southern Taiwan while also expanding into international markets. With the continuous advancement of AI technology, we are poised to create even more possibilities, delivering innovation and value to our clients and paving the way for broader horizons in the future.

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