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AI : MindScape, an immersive AI journey connects guests with AI tecjnology.
Exclusively produced, created and designed by Phalanity, IMVER MUSEUM showcases the applications of AI in entertainment, revealing the limitless possibilities of future creations.


ButterALee Magic Castle

ButterALee Magic Castle blends baking with immersive technology to create a family entertainment paradise.
This tourist attraction offers process tours, interactive projection games, DIY activities, and gourmet dining, all within a digitally enhanced magical castle ambiance.

T³ 餐酒館

T³ Bistro

A fully digital decor creates an immersive dining environment.
T³ Bistro feature ever-changing immersive projection shows and customize content, creating a unique audio-visual feast.


5 Star Hotpot Restaurant

An immersive, multi-sensory dining experience.
With stunning HD 360 projections, thematic soundscapes, and interactive light shows, this creates an unforgettable dining experience.


Large-Scale Projection Show

At Kaohsiung metro station, a groundbreaking light and shadow show redefines urban landmarks.
"The Rise of The Phoenix", a collaboration with KRTC-Kaohsiung Metro, is located at Central Park and Formosa Boulevard stations. This installation features a large-scale light display and interactive games, establishing a new landmark in Kaohsiung.

5G 輕軌沉浸式車廂展演

5G Immersive Rail Train Show

An unprecedented immersive experience on Kaohsiung's light rail.
Pioneering immersive projections on a light rail train, it combines shows, interactive guided tours, and metaverse games, utilizing 5G AIoT technology to become a new highlight in the Asia New Bay Area.



Taiwan's first in-hotel immersive interactive space offers an unparalleled experience.
This versatile space features cenima, interactive projections, gaming, and live streaming capabilities, setting a new standard for hotel entertainment.


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